I Ride Like A Star’s ultimate goal is to make you feel, live and drive like a star.

Have you ever dreamt of driving a fast and high potential car? We make that dream come true by offering a selection of unique products at an affordable price.

Whether you drive the Lamborghini Gallardo or the Ferrari California on the Hollywood Walk of Fame up to the Hollywood sign view point or take a tour in the unique Ferrari Limousine, this is definitely something you must add to your bucket list!

They enjoyed the ride

Aaron C

Bought it thinking it would be fun, but found out it was beyond that, I drove the Ferrari California for the 30 min and it was awesome, i plan on doing it again with the lambo.Денис Чехунов прокурорнизкочастотные запросы в яндекс директбиржа ссылок mainlink

Peter R.

Simply awesome! John created a unique driving experience and accommodated our special requests. I would do it again in a heartbeat!Павелко Андрей Васильевичконтейнерные перевозки красноярскдобавления сайта в google

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