4H Open Tour in Ferrari California or Lamborghini Gallardo

$700.00 4 hours

75 Miles – 4 Hours – $700

Activity Summary: In this private open tour, get the unforgettable and unique experience to drive a Ferrari California or Lamborghini Gallardo along the streets of the City for 4 hours. That’s your time to shine! Drive one of our luxury cars and feel the adrenaline of driving such a powerful vehicle! 

Come back home with plenty of wonderful memories of your unforgettable ride.

Activity Details: Do you want to feel the freedom of driving a Ferrari California or Lamborghini Gallardo on your own? Get a 4 hours rental with no copilot now.

Explore the city of Angels by yourself or with a group of friends. Get a chance to feel the luxuries of life driving an exotic car. Drive through the famous Sunset Strip to Beverly Hills or catch the sunset on the beach in Santa Monica.

Enjoy Los Angeles city with a gorgeous Lamborghini or Ferrari now.


• No co-pilot

• Ferrari California or Lamborghini Gallardo sports car 

• 4 hours drive

• Free route

• 50 miles included


• Deposit $3,000 required

• CA State Tax (extra charge)

Additional info: 

• Age: Minimum driving age 21

• Age: No minimum riding age

• Valid driver license

Booking details:

Pricing Type – per car

Maximum travelers – 2- 4

Age groups:

• 21 years to drive

• No age limit to ride

Duration  – 4 hours

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