You are in vacation in Los Angeles and you have to go on Hollywood boulevard, see the Chinese Theater and take a picture with the star of your favorite actor… But you keep getting approach by people that offer you to go on a tour bus… You are thinking… Mmm Maybe I should, I will visit  LA and they will show me around… Well we have a better attraction for you!  DRIVE A FERRARI !!
Here are the top 5 reasons why

1- You are the driver of your dream car (not in a old uncomfortable tour bus with 15 other persons)

You cruise on your own in the amazing road of hollywood, you can put the radio on and don’t need to listen to a bus driver

2- You still go see the Hollywood sign

You drive to the hollywood sign and instead to take the regular picture with the sign you get a picture with the hollywood sign and the Ferrari, Lamborghini or BMW i8.

3-  Do you really care to see celebrity homes from far away?

Let’s be honest, the tour bus only bring you to the sign and showing you celebrity homes from the outside or from far away .. But do you really care?

4- You will go FAST and have time to visit other part of Los Angeles

LA is so much fun, you shouldn’t waste time in a tour bus, and you can also get the video of you driving and post it on your social media

5- It’s more fun and you access the luxurious lifestyle for $89!

Not only it’s affordable but you can have 2 people coming with you in the car.


Are you still hesitating ?

Come see us at 6820 Hollywood Blvd or at 101 Broadway St, Santa Monica