The luxury car rent services of I Ride Like a Star is your best bet to drive a sports car without spending millions. nike air max pas cher Renting a Bentley Mulsanne Black may be considered as out of your comfort zone. But that’s because you haven’t sat yet in its driver’s seat. Its seats are comfortable. Although it is available for a few extra dollars, it is hugely comfortable and luxurious. Introduced in 2010, Bentley Mulsanne is still young. It is as imposing as the Bentley saloon, and it is also conventionally beautiful. For most owners and renters of this unit, Bentley Mulsanne offers plenty of presence. Thanks to its space and refinement. Even if you are still new to driving a luxury vehicle, this model is easy to drive, and it offers a comfortable ride to your passengers. As regards to its performance, renting a Bentley Mulsanne Black can give you a sportscar experience when you accelerate. That’s because it comes with a twin-turbocharged 6.75-liter engine with a powerful 506bhp. The 0-60mph dash may not be relevant to some cars, but it is worth mentioning because of its ludicrous 5.1 seconds. Fjallraven Kanken UK When you accelerate, it is always smooth and effortless through its eight-speed automatic gearbox. basket nike air max 1 Even though it is a large car, it does not actually make you feel that it is. nike air max bw It does not matter what steering settings you choose; this car is well-controlled even through corners. But you will be aware of its size if you go down the narrow streets. As regards to its refinement, the only loudest noise you can hear in this unit is the stereo. While you rent and drive this car, you will barely notice the road and wind noise. nike chaussure When you are at a legal limit, its engine will pull at 1500 rpm. Bentley Mulsanne, Bentley Flying Spur, Bentley GTC, and Bentley GT Speed as Choices

Exotic Car Rental of I Ride Like a Star

The price tag for this model is geared towards the seriously rich people. For that reason, it is better to rent it and drive it for a special occasion. At I Ride Like a Star, you can rent it at $1,490, which is more than enough for you to enjoy riding and driving an old-school luxury vehicle with cutting-edge technology. The car’s interior is just timeless. Its dash is very user-friendly, and its armchair-like seats are perfect. With several electric adjustment settings, you can easily get comfortable driving it. Bentley Mulsanne Black is a big luxury vehicle. So, if you need a spacious rental car, then this can be the right choice. It has large leg and headroom and huge door openings that can surely give you a full limousine experience.

Other Bentley Luxury Car Rent Options

Besides Mulsanne, I Ride Like a Star also offers Bentley Flying Spur that starts at $1,190. It’s as remarkable as Mulsanne. Or you can go with GT Speed that can get you to your destination quickly. It comes with a luxury interior and offer quiet operations. soldes air max pas cher Drive this sports car for $1,090. lift axleкак правильно мастhousehold bookkeeping software freeGREAT LAKES ICEBREAKER