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    Valentine’s day is coming pretty soon. It’s time to prepare to make it unforgettable as we know how hard it is to find the perfect gift for your loved one. Make February 14th incredible by thinking the necessary arrangement for activities, food, gifts, and any other details that your date might love. Here are some […]

    5 reasons to have a fun corporate event

    Reason #1 It’s a time to celebrate after a stressful year. Corporate parties  especially during the year can revive the morale of your  hard working employees. These corporate parties can spell the difference between employees who feel like they are mere machines, and motivated team players. Reason #2 It is common sense that happy employees […]

    Facts about the Hollywood Sign

    The sign was created as a real-estate advertisement. It was never meant to become one of the most famous Los Angeles attraction The first sign that was created in 1923 was saying “Hollywoodland” The sign was scheduled to be razed. Regular maintenance on the sign stopped when the Hollywoodland real-estate development went under due to […]

    I Ride Like A Star Gift Cards

    Find the best gift idea for your family and friends is never easy. And when you try to ask them what they want, if you are lucky they will tell you but most likely you will get “I don’t know”, “surprise me”or “ I don’t need anything”. We all know it’s a lie, and even if […]

    For the perfect day on Hollywood Blvd

    For the perfect vacation in Los Angeles, you have to stop by Hollywood boulevard, take a picture with all the stars or the costumed characters, pass by the Chinese Theater, eat a bite at the hollywood Mall, go to all the Museum ( Madame Tussaud…) buy a bunch of souvenir… But also Why don’t drive […]