Valentine’s day is coming pretty soon. It’s time to prepare to make it unforgettable as we know how hard it is to find the perfect gift for your loved one.
Make February 14th incredible by thinking the necessary arrangement for activities, food, gifts, and any other details that your date might love.

Here are some creative ways to tell you partner “ I LOVE YOU”


1st idea:

Hide everywhere you can some little heart shaped candies in your loved one’s shoes, lunch box, car, wallet… You would for sure make a great surprise. Who doesn’t like this type of little attention?


2nd idea:

Make a photo-book with all your favorite pictures of your beloved and yourself  and why you are so thankful for him/her. Write small memories next to it and finish it by a sweet “Love you”.

Your sweatheart ][‘/will love it and it’s an amazing way to remind you all the things you adore about your partner.


3rd idea:

Order some food from her/his favorite restaurant (to avoid having to make a dinner reservation on this busy holiday) and find a perfect romantic spot to have a picnic with your Valentine. The location is the Key, somewhere your partner will love maybe a place where you share a lot of memories in common or something new to experience together. Don’t forget a little or big gift to give alongside to a sweet dessert.


4th idea:

To blow her or his mind away,  book an amazing exotic car to make your night outstanding!

I Ride Like a Star (Los Angeles) is having a Special Valentine’s Day Evening Special.

Book your Dream Car :

  • Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
  • Ferrari California Spyder

For 4 hours (30 miles included) from 7pm to 11pm.

You will for sure amaze your spouse or partner by celebrating Valentine’s day by cruising all night in one of the most beautiful cars. Could you imagine the reaction of your loved one when getting picked up by a gorgeous and luxurious Red Ferrari with a picnic ready in the back seat?

How romantic would it be to look together at the stars in the sky on Mulholland drive comfortably seated in a Lamborghini?


Don’t wait anymore start planning your glamorous Valentine’s day.

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