Hollywood Sign Tour in Lamborghini Gallardo

$109.00 20 minutes

5.2 Miles – 20 Minutes – $109

8.0 Miles – 30 Minutes – $149

If you look up super car in the dictionary, a picture of the Lamborghini Gallardo will probably pop up. It’s the car which single-handedly saves Lamborghini from bankruptcy, selling in record numbers for such an exotic super car. It didn’t just define Lamborghini though, but it defined the entire segment. Prior to the Gallardo, super cars were either meant to look good or drive good, not both. The Gallardo raised the bar massively. It wasn’t just a pretty poster car, but it genuinely took the fight to Porsche and Ferrari. To this day, the Gallardo is considered to be by man the best Lamborghini ever built, and for good reason.

Activity Summary: In this private tour, explore the Hollywood attractions behind the wheel of an exotic sports car.

Get the unforgettable and unique experience to test drive a Lamborghini Gallardo on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, along the streets of the City, on a sightseeing tour up to the Hollywood sign viewpoint, and feel the adrenaline of driving such a powerful vehicle!

Come back home with the plenty of wonderful memories of you and the gorgeous Lamborghini.

Activity Details: Get a chance to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo on the tour to the Hollywood Sign for 20 min (5.2 miles) or 30 min (8 miles).

You will start your ride in the heart of the Hollywood Boulevard, where you will be able to see all of the world’s biggest movie premieres’ theaters such as Chinese, Kodak, El Capitan and Egyptian Theater. Continue enjoying the beautiful views of the Mulholland Drive and take a look at the Hollywood Bowl from above.

Stop at the Hollywood Sign viewpoint to capture this unforgettable experience. Along the journey, your private guide will assist you with operating the vehicle and navigation as well as share his knowledge of the city and take pictures of you in front of the Hollywood Sign. The Go-Pro video of your whole experience is available for purchase.


· Test drive tour
· Lamborghini Gallardo sports car
· Sightseeing
· Hollywood Sign viewpoint stop


· Go-pro video (available for purchase)
· Gratuities (recommended)
· Food and drinks
· CA State Tax (extra charge)
· Hotel pickup and drop-off

Additional​ ​info:

· Age: Minimum driving age 21
· Age: No minimum riding age
· Valid driver license

Booking details​:

Pricing Type – Per group/per car
Maximum travelers – 3
Age groups:
· 21 years to drive
· No age limit to ride

Languages​ ​offered​ ​on​ ​activity/tour
English only

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