• “Must Do in LOS ANGELES!!!”
    AMAZING experience! I recommend it to every person that visits Los Angeles. There is no better attraction in Los Angeles. A week later and I’m still feeling the excitement.


    Marseille, France

  • “AWESOME!!!”
    You guys were great, and it was an awesome experience. I will definitely be back in the future!!! Thanks again


    Abidjan, Ivory C.

  • “Ride me 1-Day”
    I rented their Rolls Royce Ghost for a Saturday night. Great fun driving! Superb car! Loved it! I’ll be using their exotics for nights out a lot in the future…


    Los Angeles, USA

  • “Too much fun!!!”
    It was a better experience than I expected!!! It was over too quickly! I plan to do it each time I come to Los Angeles with a different Exotic!!!


    Paris, France

  • “$89!!!!”
    Couldn’t pass the opportunity of driving a Ferrari. For most of us is just a dream machine, for me those 20 minutes it was a dream come true….


    Los Angeles, USA

  • “A Real Rush!”
    Loved this! Great fun driving the Ferrari California. Next time would love to drive the Lamborghini. $89!!! I think I’m going to come back every time I’m in LA!


    Toulon, France

  • I did the ride along. I told the co-driver “I’m not scared let’s have some fun!” and boy did we! My husband drove another car and loved it. I bought the dvd and couldn’t wait to show my son.


    Marina Del Rey, USA

  • “The most fun experience!”
    LOVED I Ride Like A Star! Very friendly staff, awesome instructors, and an item checked off my bucket list!!!!!


    Marrakech, M.

  • “Fantastic!”
    Absolutely fantastic. I’ve been wanting to do this for years, and finally got the chance. The price was great! Can’t wait to do it again! I’m hooked!


    New York, USA