Thought you’ve seen it all? Think again. Stretched limousines are a pretty common sight in Las Vegas, and super cars are quickly becoming the norm. fjallraven kanken Backpack uk If you want to stand out or experience something truly unique then, the current range of cars won’t cut it. What if you could combine a stretched limo and a super car though? We had the same idea, and decided to find out. This is the result, and needless to say, there’s nothing like it anywhere in the world. It’s a Ferrari 360 Modena that was converted into a stretched limousine. It’s not just the rarest Ferrari limo in the world, but the only one in America. As rare cars come then, this is probably the rarest of them all. You can forget your run of the mill 458s and Huracans, because if you want something that no one’s ever seen, you want the Ferrari 360 limo. It combines the powerful engine of a Ferrari 360 Modena and the comfort and luxury you can expect from stretched limousine. It offers seating for 6 passengers and features an open roof, perfect for enjoying Beverly Hills’ and Hollywood’s views. nike air max pas cher Relax while enjoying the gorgeous sceneries surrounding you. nike air max 2013 Could it get any better? The Ferrari 360 limo offers city tours in L.A. chaussures nike femme 2017 during the day, but it’s also available for rent during the evenings (special events). So even if you’re not fond of tours and would much rather get a ride with a private driver, you can rent it out and go on a drive with some friends. It’s a real head turner, believe us. People seeing it in their rearview mirror expect a Ferrari 360 Modena, but get the surprise of their life when a limo passes by. As far as shock factors go, no car can top a stretched Ferrari limo. The daily tour starts off from Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, where you get to sample in the largest movie premieres from Chinese, Kodak and El Capitan theaters. People will be taking pictures of you as much as you’ll be taking pictures of the scenery. You’ll check out most of the favorite stars’ hangout places. A short drive to the Beverly Hills sign and a few pictures later, you get to enjoy the famous Rodeo Drive with the amazing boutiques and restaurants. The limo’s availability is limited, since there’s only one like it in the entire country. nike air max 2017 If you want to join a tour or reserve it for a private tour (or rental), contact us in advance so we can book it for you.