Groupon, the popular website site offering daily deals, has demonstrated to be very popular with customers. People love discounts but are the deals really worth it at the end?
Let’s take the example of exotic car driving experience in Los Angeles.

Who never dream about driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini and get the feeling of driving a fast car?

You can find a lot of different deals on their website but let’s look at it closely:


1st Reason: Groupon will offer you 5-lap exotic car driving experience for $70 or $89 or $151 (depending on the company) which represent only 5min of driving.

Yes, 5min! How do you even enjoy the car when it’s only for 5min….You think you are getting a better deal but in fact you are a barely driving and feeling the adrenaline-boost.

With I Ride Like a Star you will have 20min to roll like a star on Hollywood boulevard and around for $109.

On top of it:  if you book it and use the Promocode: RIDEONLINE. You will get 30min for the same price of 20min.


2nd Reason: On Groupon you will be the only one enjoying the ride. A little bit sad…

With I Ride Like a Star, if you choose to drive the Ferrari , you will be behind the wheels and two more friends will be able to join you and see your amazing driving skills. And we’ll capture that moment with our Gopro Camera.

What a better way to create memories than with your friends and your dream car?


3rd Reason: All the Groupon deals are located away from central Los Angeles, you would have to drive for a while to enjoy your driving experience and will be stuck

With I Ride Like a Star, you can step on the accelerator on Hollywood boulevard all the way up to hollywood sign. This route will give you the green light to test drive the incredible handling and acceleration of our incredible exotic cars.


Are you still hesitating ?  

Forget about Groupon!! I Ride Like a Star will give you memories that will last a lifetime through exclusive and breathtaking driving experiences.

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